Who Services Engines in Carol Stream, Illinois?

J & J Engine and Transmission Rebuilders can troubleshoot your engine fast

Afraid that your car’s engine is on its last legs? J & J Engine and Transmission Rebuilders, LLC can efficiently and effectively diagnose the problem. We have more than 15 years of experience working on engines and offer free diagnostic services. Our auto mechanics can install, repair or rebuild engines and motors for vehicles of all types. We’ll take a look at your vehicle’s engine and determine what’s causing your engine trouble. If your engine can be fixed with a simple repair solution, our mechanics will immediately get to work! If your engine is past the point of repair, we can rebuild you an engine from scratch.

See what we can do for your car’s engine. Call J & J Engine and Transmission Rebuilders at 630-665-7373.

4 reasons to have your car’s engine checked

Not sure if your ride’s engine could use some work? Here are a few signs to watch out for:

  1. You notice mysterious sounds or knocking coming from the engine
  2. Your check engine light is always on
  3. You smell noxious odors every time you take your car out
  4. Your engine continues to run even after the car is turned off

If you notice any of the above, immediately get in touch with J & J Engine and Transmission Rebuilders. We’ll run diagnostics and determine the source of your engine trouble.