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Car axle repair & auto maintenance

Your vehicle’s axles are connected to your wheels and provide the power needed to control and turn the car. If your car’s axles are out of whack or damaged, it could cause you some serious trouble on the road. Bring your ride to J & J Engine and Transmission Rebuilders, LLC the moment you suspect axle problems. Our team knows how serious axle damage can be and will thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s front and rear axles to pinpoint the problem. We’ll replace any damaged parts and make sure your car is turning smoothly!

From axle repairs to rebuilds, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with J & J Engine and Transmission Rebuilders to learn more.

We can handle all of your axle needs!

If you’re having trouble with your car’s axles in Carol Stream, IL, contact J & J Engine and Transmission Rebuilders. Our mechanics specialize in repairing and rebuilding differential axles. We can work on:

  • Front wheel axles
  • Rear wheel axles
  • Semi-floating axles
  • Full-floating axles

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